Saturday, March 7, 2009

Shahid Salimi Neka powerhouse

Shahid Salimi Neka Power house 45Km distance to sari.This powerhouse organized from three part:(Steam&Gaz&Combined Cycle).2185 MW power this powerhouse.
4 part steam:1760 MW.
2 part gaz:275 MW.
1 part combined cycle:150MW.
This powerhouse made by Germany.


brattcat said...

I like, in the first picture, how the stacks look as if they, too, are growing out of the earth

Babooshka said...

Very strange looking landscape, nothing like this here.

gogouci said...

Awesome industrial shots. The stacks look like wooden matchsticks.

Kris said...

It looks big!

Julie said...

Interesting information and photo. I am glad you liked my ice plant and flower. Happy Friday!

ganjali saberi said...

salam khobi?
chera vase sale jadid hichi ezafeh nakardin?
sle no mobarak bad
salam bresoon

Viagra said...

and all that installation is just for give power to only person? that is totally ridiculous.